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Disadvantages of Doing Your Will Online It is always important to recognize the future and the shortcomings by ensuring that you have a Will which is a document showing what you love to be done even after you are gone. Writing a Will can be a process but to can be effortless if you choose to do it right especially by involving the appropriate people. Another never, people are considering online Will programs and Will writing kits which are growing into popularity for many people considering it as an option. To some extent, they are very beneficial, but the disadvantages are very many. Read more below on why it is important to avoid doing your Will online. One of the reasons why it is discouraging to do your Will online is because the online writing kit and programs Will not detect any areas and exclusions. When you make mistakes when writing your Will, there are consequences that follow such as disputes because some of the beneficiaries Will be disadvantaged as others enjoy the greatest share. When writing a Will, you must be in accordance with the law and some of the terms used can be very complex and that is [...] [...]