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Understanding About Speech Therapy It is an excise that entails training people with speech and speaking problems, it aims at improving clarity and articulation of people. It is important because it helps in making people communicating efficiently thus enhancing understanding between people. The speech therapist carry out different speech muscles strengthening and excise that helps in improving their speaking capability. The therapy also aims at enhancing good communication between the body and the brain thus enhancing comfortability and confidence. They also train their patients to improve on their speech and speaking fluency through training excise. They also train their patients other forms of communication like the use of gestures and signs,this helps in promoting faster and efficient speaking development. The therapy helps the to improve in their thinking ,by helping them bring out their thought and how they feel. Speech therapy also helps in promoting and developing an intelligible speech thus enhancing better understanding and good communication between people. Speech therapy has also helped in making sure their are minimum cases of fluent speaking problems in the societies by carrying out fluent speaking therapy to the affected people.This has helped in promoting good communication in the societies thus enhancing proper [...] [...]